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time to write a little about myself,

The short version :

had a long break from making art, after a computer failure made me loose all my work, and I didn't have the motivation after that to do art for over a year and a half :(
then around about january I had a brain-wave, and decided to get out the pen again and start doing some art :D

The slightly longer version :

Growing up :

I grew up in one of those weird little places in the middle of nowhere, where everyone's just a little bit strange :)
I was the youngest in a family of old people... my parents were middle aged when I arrived, and when I was a kid growing up my brothers were already in their 20's,
I was the "special surprise" (translation: accident) :D

I watched what everyone else watched, I read what everyone else read, family film time consisted of science fiction, kung fu movies and transformers, and whenever we watched something like the terminator, I had the normal pre-movie lecture about "remember this is not real, it's all made with actors, and lot's of special effects"
my parents were semi-pro athletes, but they had good taste, and my mum grew up reading x-men and spiderman comics, a good influence :D

when I was about 6 years old my brothers were starting to get into the early 90's anime craze, I watched Akira before I saw Disney's Aladdin, and I loved them both just as much, the anime was quite violent and even scary sometimes,
but I liked how deep down, they were still really cartoons, and still had that sense of fun about them :)
when my teacher asked us in school that year what do we want to be when we grow up ? I said I wanted to be an astronaut
..... or make fucking awesome cartoons,
I was punished for saying the word fuck :D but I'd already made up my mind :)

The internet :

in about 1994 my brother saved up all his money to buy a brand new top of the line 28k modem :D ha ha, back when it took 10 mins to open a webpage
after school and just before he finished work I would have a look around, hard to find anything back then, no search engines, and 500 pop-ups per click,
but one day I typed in the word cartoon to see what I could find, and eventually found a page where people were making little pixel drawings of cartoon characters
on the old Amiga computers with a program called deluxe paint, we have that I thought to myself, so I tried it, I was 9 years old :)

as the years went on I started to enjoy watching films like nightmare before christmas, along with the usual 90's shows like ren and stimpy, rocco's modern life, toxic avengers, and the regular weekend Guyver video marathon (£12 an episode, great value)
stop motion was wonderful to me, it was like a cartoon but it was really there, you could touch it, I was getting on ok with learning the computer drawing, so I decided to start making some plasticine characters, kind of like wallace and grommit, and rex the runt,
it was fun, it felt like I was playing with lego, but this time I was making all the pieces, and I would think to myself, before I made this whale hippo riding a skateboard, nobody had ever seen one before, and I wanted people to see how cool he looked inside my head, but my hands weren't good enough to make him yet,

this process pretty much carried on for years, in between the drawing and sculpting I learned a few new things, I learned to play a few instruments, started writing some stories, stuff like that, but I'd always go back to reading my weird comics and watching any new cartoon or movie I could find, my friends thought my tastes were... not normal for someone my age :D ha ha
one year, my birthday + christmas + begging on my hands and knees present was my first wacom digital pen and tablet, I was 14 :)

The college years :

oh dear.... can't remember much :D ha ha
basically where I started to learn to animate stuff, hand drawn cartoons, stop motion, pop up books, clay sculptures, photographs, all at the same time,
I liked it, because it was like mixed media, but you didn't get paint all over your cloths :D ha ha

Zbrush :

I'd wanted to try 3d for years, I had this little £10 3d program I'd used to make buildings and stuff with, nothing major, I'd tried other programs, but I was never that technically minded,
it was always a case of "too confusing and too many buttons" so I just stuck with what I knew for a while,
in 2007 my brother showed me a video of something called zbrush, I got it the same day, it was mindblowing for me it was just like making something out of clay, you could even paint it, I already knew how to sculpt so I learned pretty quickly,
but for some reason I spent years making realistic things, people. buildings, cars, robots, and I started to feel like something was missing, but I didn't know what, and just as I started to realise that,
one day I tried to turn on my computer.... and it never turned on again :( I lost everything, all my work, animations, drawings, 3d... everything :( I did nothing for nearly 2 years, tried a few times, but couldn't draw for more then 2 or 3 minutes without feeling heartbroken,
it crushed me in a way I didn't expect,

the Brain-wave :

around january this year I was moving some things and found one of my old stop motion characters, it was made out of wax and was a little melted from the heat, I moved its arm a little and smoothed out a piece here and there,
and then something in my brain clicked, I'd sculpted that with my hands, just like how I can with the computer, I'd painted those cartoons with my digital pen,
and I still have a copy of zbrush :)
so sitting in the garden having a cigarette and a cold coffee, I thought about everything that happened to me in my life that made me love art, and everything about it that I loved,
...... so I decided to make it :)

I'm nearly 30, but I guess I'll always be learning :)


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